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 Note to Sponsors: The Forest Acres Festival understands that our sponsors play a large role in our success.  Over the years we have made every effort to ensure that our sponsors receive impressionable advertising and marketing media for the money, products and services that are donated to our festival.  We offer a range of sponsorships to fit all economic needs.  This year we have reconfigured our sponsorship levels to maximize impact for our sponsors to participate in our festival.  For more information on sponsorship please contact Russell Holbrook at

We had a great time this year at the 2016 Forest Acres Festival!  Here are a few images from the day’s festivities.

Speakers & Events
  • January 17th (Wednesday) 1 pm. Meeting cancelled due to anticipated snow & freezing roads.
  • January 24th (Wednesday) 1 pm. All about Seniors Resource – Speaker Bill Tweezy Publisher or Cindy Tyner Director of Business Development
  • January 31st – Fifth Wednesday social
  • February 7th (Wednesday) 1 pm. Project Hope – Latonia Hyde
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